August 27, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by JK Rowling

I can't remember if this was the 3rd? time I read this book or how many times I have, but this time I think I enjoyed it more. Maybe after reading the end, you notice little things that you didn't before, or maybe you just appreciate the rebellion more, because that's the part about this book that I love, the clash between Umbridge and Harry, the DA, the teachers and in this book I think she finishes what she set out to do in the fourth book-turn this from the children's fantasy story of the first three books, into a complex, young adult series that truly creates it's own world.

The book isn't perfect. There were many things that annoyed me about it and I thought Rowling could have done better on. But those are minor. The story itself and the magical (literally) world Rowling weaves and builds upon is so rich and detailed, at times familiar but you always want to be there. In this volume of the series, so many things are told, patches of the story are filled in that weren't before-the background of Sirius, Snape and Neville. Harry learns of his fate, and this sets up the end of the series. It's maybe the most important book of the 7, the turning point, and it's one of my favorites, 4 and 7 being the others.

I'm debating on starting 6 right away or waiting a bit. I haven't decided.

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