September 05, 2007

What I've been crocheting

Lately I've been experimenting with some hemp I bought at the Hemporium in Bar Harbor, Maine. It's not the dull brown most help is. One small bunch is rainbow colors, and the other is a variegated "cool" colors of purple, blue, green and deep pink. I made a couple keychains, which I then sent in an exchange, and made this suncatcher type ornament from altering a snowflake pattern. I plan on getting a brass ring and stretching it across it. I may put a crystal on the bottom, not sure. Anyway, it's fun. The pic of the keychains didn't come out too well. :-( I liked the one with the white beads. Working with beading was something new for me. I bought these "e" beads, thinking they'd be just the right size. Hemp is odd though in that it's not "smooth"...the strands get thicker and thinner and occationally have a lump in them, which you can actually pick out a bit. Some of the beads fit ok, some did not. I got a tube of white, clear, clear with silver inside and iridescent beads, and used all of the different kinds in the different projects.

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