November 09, 2007

Tracy's Afghan

Originally uploaded by crochetgirl91
I finished this one a few years ago. It was supposed to go off to college with my little sis, Tracy. But she ended up staying at home because the school she wanted to go didn't give her enough financial aid. So it was her Christmas present instead.

This afghan came out just gorgeous! The pattern is from Quick and Cozy afghans, and it's called Understated Elegance. It's a mile a minute pattern, if you can't tell from the pic. I used red heart, and the variegated is Sage Mary, the solids are deep plum, medium sage and buff going outwards. I think this may have been the prettiest afghan I've made so far, but I can't take too much credit, I just followed the pattern! I did choose the colors though. The original was in mauve and taupe.

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