January 26, 2010

Currently Reading/Making:

I've been reading more. Ever since I got treatment for my sleep apnea, I can actually read again! I finished Nickel and Dimed, it was really good. Very insightful. It's shocking the way the poor are exploited and the way people are forced to cope with such low wage jobs.

After that I read:
A Thousand Splendid Suns
- Loved it! Khaled Houssini is amazing. Some parts were difficult to read, but so powerful.
Knit Two by Kate Jacobs - The sequel to The Friday Night Knitting Club. It was a bit slow to get going but I actually liked it better than the first one by the end.
Marley & Me by John Grogan - Cute book, very funny.
A Christmas Carol - God I hate Dickens. Don't know why I tried. Love it when it's turned into a movie though, like most of his stories... I hate his writing style.
The Handmaid's Tale - Fascinating. I could barely put it down.

I'm kinda thrilled I read 6 books in 2 months! Before that I might have read 2 books in 6 months! Although I am turning into my mother and reading in the bathroom... is that tmi?

Latest book:
Dewey: The Small Town Library Cat who Touched the World by Vicki Myron - I enjoyed this book, possibly because I'm a librarian and a cat lover. It's not the best book ever, but it was a sweet and interesting story. It's not just about a cat. It's about a town. And a library. And the librarian that runs it. You'll get some background on the town and library, and learn how the author became a librarian. It follows the life of Dewey, and his library family and the town. It's really amazing how famous one cat can get!

What I'm Making: I turned the leftover pieces of the sandcastle into a coat for Sammy. I want to either trim it or make a second layer and sew together the top layer (which I did start making) with a single skein of Homespun I got in a swap that I think will look great on Sammy. It's browns and blues with a bit of red.