June 28, 2010

June 2010

Finished the PTO afghan:

I was right of course. It was like 90+ degrees that day and hardly anyone bid on it. Some of the teachers did but I think they were just being nice. Bah. Another teacher had one of her sisters make some of those dolls in big poofy dresses (bed dolls?) and those were more popular, especially with the little girls. I've been dying to do this little teddy bear in a dress pattern that I've had from an issue of Crochet World years back, and I think I'll do one or two of those next year, instead of an afghan, unless they do this in winter. It's less work too.

Reading: I started Like Water for Chocolate yesterday on the train. It's good in some ways and annoying in others. I have to sort of make this break with reality. It's like....I enjoy fantasy books, and I enjoy books more based in reality, but this book sort of breaches both. Like a fairy tale. I've seen the movie but have forgotten most of it except for the part about her food causing other people to have emotions. I'm still working on The Omnivore's Dilemma. Now that SUMMER VACATION has started, I think I'll have more time! There is nothing I love better when I'm at home than to get up early, take the dog for a nice long walk in the cool crisp Maine air, then come home to a breakfast of tea and toast and read at the table for a while. Ahh. Can't wait. I'll be leaving in a few days.

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