February 15, 2012

Little House - Winter 2012

My mother gave me a new set of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder for Christmas. These were my ultimate favorites as a child. I read them over and over. I loved imagining myself as Laura (although I'm more like Mary, snotty and goody-two-shoes ish.  Must be an oldest child thing lol), a pioneer, living in a little cabin in the woods or in a covered wagon crossing the prairies through Minnesota and Dakota territory, traveling on a train for the first time, teaching in a little one room schoolhouse. 

A few years ago I was at the library searching for something, and came across the new series about Rose, Laura's daughter and her only surviving child. I checked a couple out of the library and read them.  In reading those I learned there was yet another new one, about Caroline, Laura's mother.  I have taken to collecting all these books as well, through Paperbackswap.  I have most of the Rose books, and a few of the Caroline books so far.  I read the first 5 Rose books (all I had) after getting through re-reading Laura's series. I haven't started the Caroline books, I'll wait until I have more of them.  Now there are 2 more series, one about Laura's grandmother, Charlotte, and her great-grandmother, Martha. I plan to collect these as well. So far I have one of the Martha books, but I don't think I have any Charlotte ones.

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